Margie Glass Sula


 Margie Glass Sula has an M.A. in Painting and Drawing from Governors State University, has worked in traditional gallery settings, as well as outdoors- creating public installation arts. She has also taught design and drawing at Joliet Junior and Kankakee Community Colleges.

Margie Glass Sula is currently a member of the National Womens Caucus for Art-Chicago Chapter, A juried artist at Tall Grass Arts Association, and a member of the Water Street Studio Artists Collective in Batavia, IL. 

The paintings, drawings, and sculptures are inspired by the natural world that surrounds us and reflects our curious need for the quiet simplicity which that world still holds. The media implemented range from traditional oil on canvas paintings to sculptures created from branches, discarded wood, and sculpted epoxy clays. 

Artist Statement​

My work explores the quiet simplicity of things. I convey my sentiments through visual interpretations of natural forms by using a subtle application of color, unique abstraction, and a delicate touch.

I intend for my imagery to counter the current onslaught of hurried visuals, increasingly limited attention spans, and ugliness that our society tends to create and focus on.

My work allows me to reintroduce the necessary link to the natural world that often dissipates as our human lives progress and become ever so complex.

Sometimes, I feel we all need to get back down to Earth-
even if only for a moment.

Painting - Drawing - Sculpture

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